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“Our Tail”

We have had three basset hounds, all from rescues and shelters.  In the fall of 2014,  our second basset, Belle, developed acute kidney problems.  Although her kidney function improved she suffered a stroke and we had to let her go.  It was that loss coupled with our passion for dogs that led us to consider opening our store.  Just 4 months later we opened our doors.  We miss Belle every day, but know she loves seeing the mission she inspired!


Let’s be honest, our pets are family. They greet us enthusiastically each time we come through the door. They make each day more enjoyable just by their presence. They get us through life’s tough times by lending an ear and being there to listen to us.    And they do it all simply because they love us.

At Treats On A Leash we strive to be more dog-like.  We want our customers to feel like family.  We will greet you enthusiastically when you come in the door.  We will make your day more enjoyable.  We will help you through those tough times that pet owners face, and when needed we are great listeners.  And we do it simply because we care.

But our passion doesn’t stop there.  We believe in helping the underdog.  We have a big heart for all the animals  in shelters and rescues waiting to find their forever homes, so we hold in-store adoption events when possible and take donations each month for different animal organizations.  Rumor has it those animals might have some issues, but deep down, don’t we all?

Life’s short.  Be dog-like.

All Natural

All of our food and treats are natural, healthy, and human grade. We try to accommodate as many pet dietary needs as possible. Check out our bakery case for gourmet decorated treats for your fur babies. In addition we carry a wonderful assortment of bulk and packaged treats. Many of the treats come from companies here in the Midwest. When it comes to our foods we choose those sourced and made  here in the USA (with the exception of Koha – made with unique proteins sourced from New Zealand – specifically made for dogs with protein allergies.). Your pet’s health and safety is as important to us as our dog’s health and safety. Ask about our dog foods, we have worked hard to bring in healthy, natural food options to fit every budget.

Our Team

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Lead Dogs

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Quality Control Officer