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If you've had sneezing or itchy and watery eyes you know those fall seasonal allergies have hit!  It shouldn't be surprising that our pets also can suffer from seasonal allergies.  For pets who have worsening of symptoms in the spring and fall, it is likely seasonal.  If your pet has year-round issues of paw-licking, scratching, [...]

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We’re Not Just For Birthdays!

We love to party, but.... We recently had a customer remark as he was walking out, “I’ll be back when it’s my dog’s birthday!”  It’s true we have birthday cakes, birthday bones, and awesome doggie bakery treats, but our store is SO much more than that! Here’s what else we have in store: -         Pet [...]

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Chill Out!

Summer has come on with a bang! With the hot weather here it is a great time to make sure you are well stocked on basic supplies for daily walks, hikes, and traveling.  Here are some things to  keep handy in the car no matter how far you are going.   Soggy Doggy Super Shammy [...]

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Mastering The Maze

Choosing the right food for your pet can be confusing.  We've been there, we understand.  Trying to pick a food can be overwhelming when we are bombarded with commercials and packaging that can lead us to buy the wrong pet food for the right reasons.  Advertisers appeal to our sense of wanting to do the best for our pet [...]

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Our Mission

In the 4 months prior to opening our business in January 2015, we did a lot of research trying to decide what products to carry in our store.  During this period, we learned a tremendous amount regarding pet nutrition and dug in to understand the difference between what makes a poor quality food and what makes an excellent quality food.  Sadly, [...]

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Your Pets, Our Passion!

We are often asked how our business came about.  We loved going to dog bakeries and being able to shop with our bassets in tow, but always wished Ames had a dog bakery.  We lost our older basset, Belle, in September 2014.  She was hospitalized with elevated kidney values.  While the lab values improved after a few days, her appetite [...]

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